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High Tech for the scientists of tomorrow The Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences features a nearly complete set of Analytik Jena equipment, with something for everyone.

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Analytik Jena is the market leader in certain segments in China, despite strong domestic competition. The company’s Chinese branch was founded in 2001, with a staff of 129 now working there at five locations, marking each point of the compass: the Beijing headquarters in the north, Shanghai in the east, Chengdu in the west, Shenyang in the northeast, and Guangzhou in the south of the country.

The Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences features a nearly complete set of Analytik Jena equipment, with something for everyone.


"The academy makes use of nearly our entire range of technology," said Tai Zhao, Managing Director of Analytik Jena in China, referring to the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hangzhou, where over 30 Analytik Jena systems are currently in place. The business relationship has been going strong since 2004. As Tai Zhao put it: "We’re connected in a partnership that is in fact more like a friendship."


A staff of over 1,000 are active at the academy in all aspects of agricultural research. The Zhejiang Province state institution is dedicated to basic research in fields such as genetic engineering as well as research on seeds, soil, crop protection, and fertilizers. Public education offerings are also provided to students and school groups to introduce them to these topics.

Analytik Jena does all that it can to provide support to the academy, working together with the scientists there towards the best solutions for each application, offering service and replacement parts at discounts, and running its own thematic seminars. As the CEO for China explained: "Through our support, we can give back to society and serve its general wellbeing."

The institute has also become quite a showcase for Analytik Jena with three atomic spectroscopes, six analyzers for organic carbon and nitrogen, over 20 PCR/qPCR systems for DNA sequencing, a gene theater, the pipetting robot CyBIO FeliX, and an ICP-MS device that can analyze the entire periodic system. This has also done much to raise the profile of Analytik Jena equipment within the industry – and among the researchers of tomorrow.

»We aim to serve the researchers of tomorrow.«

Tai Zhao, Managing Director

Working in China ...

… is not just about selling equipment but also a matter of providing education. Analytik Jena’s schedule features over 20 seminar events in China each year, always with an excellent turnout of 100 to 200 participants. The attendees include both long-term and new customers, half of whom work in the state sector, including for health agencies and petrochemical companies.

Once the deal is done …

… it’s celebrated with a toast – with Maotai liquor from Guizhou Province, distilled from sorghum and wheat. They even use Analytik Jena’s atomic absorption spectroscopy for quality control. The beverage is also enjoyed at the annual gathering of the entire Analytik Jena staff in China – although the 2020 meeting was carried out virtually due to the pandemic.

After work …

… food is of utmost importance, even in the business world. A hard day’s work can be rewarded with a shared meal with colleagues, which is also tied in with an affirmation of mutual respect. And that also means that arriving on time is of the essence!

In terms of business …

… Carl Zeiss continues to open new doors in China. The name of the Jena-based optics pioneer, whose current heirs include Analytik Jena, still stands for top quality "made in Germany".

In my element

Tai Zhao

Managing Director Analytik Jena China, Beijing Office

Workwise, I’m in my element …
when I receive thank-you notes. I’ve been the head of Analytik Jena in China for nearly 20 years and those are the moments that truly make me happy.

Privately, I’m in my element …
when I’m playing Gou Ji, a six-player game with four decks of cards. I like to meet with friends and colleagues to play it.

For the anniversary … 
I’d bring some Maotai, a kind of liquor that is also oft en presented as an offi cial diplomatic gift . I’d also bring the video with the song that we sang at our annual gathering.

Wang Yuemin

Application Support Manager, Shanghai Office

Workwise, I’m in my element … 
when our team is working together in harmony, when we’ve completed a marketing campaign, or taken on a diffi cult task and brought it to fruition.

Privately, I’m in my element … 
when I’m on holiday. I enjoy diving into landscapes and cultures that are new to me.

For the anniversary … 
I’d prepare a Chinese meal.

Zhang Yun

Sales Manager of North China, Zhengzhou City

Workwise, I’m in my element … 
when I know we’ve won a contract.

Privately, I’m in my element … 
when I’m with my colleagues as well, whether in everyday conversation or at my company’s annual gathering.

For the anniversary … 
I’d hold a birthday toast, wishing the company the best, that it will grow and thrive in an ever-brighter future.

Xu Shengyu

Service Engineer for Life Science, Shanghai Office

Workwise, I’m in my element …
… when I’m helping customers to find the perfect solution to their needs.

Privately, I’m in my element …
… when listening to music all by myself.

For the anniversary …
… I’d hand out Chinese calligraphy pens so that everyone could try it out.

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