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Maintenance ensures a long life for your analytical instruments

In order to ensure stable measurement results in the long term and high sample throughput, regular inspection and maintenance of analytical instruments is indispensable. Our services match your needs perfectly. We offer service and maintenance packages that are specifically tailored for your situation. The choice of services is up to you. We address your requirements and your budget in a targeted manner. Just ask! 

Your benefits:

  • Value retention for your device system
  • Quality assurance for analysis results
  • Save time and unplanned costs
  • Ensuring work in compliance with industry and ISO standards
  • Maximum system availability
  • Safety for your personnel
  • Individual maintenance intervals and service levels
  • Service by appointment – we call you
  • Cost transparency and planning certainty for your budget

You can do something too

Our specialists can provide you with training suited to your particular needs, including both technical basics and particular applications. This will enable you to carry out minor maintenance and repairs on your own. Best of all: Carrying out regular maintenance of your systems increases their lifespan and helps reduce costs!

    Equipment qualification

    Competent support from our sales advisors and Service & Support employees makes it easy for you to choose the right analytical measuring technology in accordance with your requirements. In addition, we can assist you with qualification and offer numerous services that can make supervision of your devices easier after procurement.

    More information on qualification of devices and the services Analytik Jena offers in this area can be found in our brochure on equipment qualification.

      Repairs and restoration

      Quality is our calling! Nevertheless, if it ever becomes necessary to repair or restore your devices from Analytik Jena, we are happy to assist as a matter of course. Prompt repair and restoration of laboratory instruments guarantees the precision of your results and helps to maintain the durability and consistent performance of the devices. Of course, the processing of a service case should be carried out as pleasantly for you as possible. However, we rely on several pieces of information from you. Please speak with us in person or fill out our service form and send it to us. We will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.


      In order to comply with German law (i.e. section 71 StrlSchV [German Radiation Protection Ordinance], section 17 GefStoffV [German Hazardous Substances Ordinance], and section 19 ChemG [German Chemicals Act]) and to prevent exposure to hazardous substances, the decontamination certificate must be enclosed before delivery of the product. The declaration must be affixed outside of the packaging. Products without this form will be returned to the sender subject to charge.

      Additional warranty

      We extent your warranty

      We extend your warranty free of charge to three years for many selected thermalcyclers. Register your product and benefit from the extended warranty. Quickly and easily – free of costs and obligations. You will run no risk.

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