Our Planet. Our Priority. Solutions for Environmental Analysis

We help you to reliably and quickly manage high sample loads in accordance with important standards and regulations. We offer application-centric instrument solutions, optimized methods, and comprehensive services.

Water Analysis

We support you in supplying high-quality drinking and process water by means of specific measurement routines. For this purpose, we offer customer-specific and standards-compliant measuring methods.

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Wastewater Analysis for Chemical Parameter

We help you to generate fast measurement results in accordance with environmental laws. Make lab work more efficient despite the complexity of analytical tasks in relation to wastewater samples.

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Wastewater Analysis for Biological Parameter

Analytik Jena offers the full process chain to monitor biological parameters in wastewater – from sampling in the treatment plant to detection in the lab.

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Analysis of Solid Matrices

We offer solutions for a quick and reliable assessment of solid samples such as soils, sludges, or waste products. Compliant standard methods and robust analytical equipment help you save time and effort.

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Air Pollution Control

Air pollution is a great risk to health and the environment. We support you with efficient emission control in order to specify further process steps and meet air quality standards.

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Waste Analysis

We provide you with efficient methods and technologies for a standard compliant declaration analysis of various sample types along the waste recovery cycle  such as construction waste, sludges, chemicals, metals, and many more.

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Web seminar: Environmental analysis and monitoring

Discover how you can simplify TOC/TNb environmental analysis by applying modern TOC/TNb analytical solutions. Besides TOC and TNb solutions Analytik Jena is highlighting a variety of other practical solutions for different environmental analysis tasks.

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Solutions at a glance

Method DeviceSpecial Features
AOXmulti X 2500
  • Full method and configuration flexibility for AOX, EOX, and POX
  • Highest automation degree for AOX column method
  • Direct charcoal feeding
APU 28 (sample preparation)
  • Suitable for various AOX columns
  • Double channel operation
  • Fastest (SPE-)AOX preparation system on the market
APU sim (sample preparation)
  • High throughput, up to six samples simultaneously
  • Suitable for various AOX columns and SPE sample preparation
AFU 3 (sample preparation)
  • Up to three samples simultaneously by batch method
  • Ideally suited for highly particle-loaded water and sludge samples
TOC/TNbmulti N/C 3100 / 3100 duo
  • Wide-range TOC/TNb analyzer
  • Automatic loop injection with intelligent rinsing
  • High throughput (parallel purge and inject)
multi N/C 2100S / 2100S duo
  • Septum-free direct injection
  • Very robust particle handling
  • Small footprint
TOCmulti N/C UV HS
  • High sensitivity
  • Suited to difficult matrices
  • Minimal running costs
mulit EA 4000 (multi EA 5100)
  • Fully automated solids TOC analysis
  • Pyrolysis function enables EC (ROC, BOD) analysis
  • Upgradeable for TS and TX determination
  • High accuracy especially for low concentrations
  • Wide range of accessories including additional cuvette position for turbid samples
  • Round-cuvette holder and 8-fold cell changer
  • Easy installation of accessories and intuitive touch operation
AAScontrAA 800
  • Fast sequential and even simultaneous analysis with optimum detection limits
  • High flexibility with one lamp covering the entire elemental range of AAS
  • Molecule absorption detectable MAS (non-metals like fluorine)
ZEEnit series
  • High matrix tolerance, Zeeman background correction
  • Application flexibility with One + One atomizer compartment
novAA 800
  • Intelligent autosampler (overrange dilution, method of addition)
  • Flexible use due to dual atomizer concept
CV-AAS/AFSmercur DUO plus  AAS + hydride system
  • Low detection limits
  • Combination of AAS/AFS in one device (mercur)
ICP-MSPlasmaQuant MS
  • Fast multi-element analysis, suitable for all matrices
  • High sensitivity for lowest detection limits
  • Lowest gas consumption on the market
ICP-OESPlasmaQuant 9100
  • Easy torch handling, high degree of automation, and preparation accessories
  • Dual view (axial, radial) enables wide concentration measurement range
  • Unique resolving power with high-resolution optics
DigestionMicrowave digestion
  • Intelligent design for straightforward operation and safety (Self Check System)
  • High sample throughput
Nucleic acid extraction and detectionCyBio FeliX
InnuPure C16 touch
qTOWER³ family
  • High-performance thermal cycler for PCR and real-time PCR
  • Fast and precise results
  • High-precision block temperature control
  • Automation also feasible for PCR and Real-time PCR
  • Pathogen detection, quantification, and species identification
  • High target specificity combined with reduced analysis time
  • Real-time PCR for standard and automated workflows


Outstanding service and support offerings

We offer not only device installation and analytical functionality review services for your device, but also comprehensive advice, methodology development, and targeted training by our application specialists to help you meet your particular analytical requirements. We provide you with support in device qualification and validation so that you can always be on the safe side when it comes to compliance with standards and regulations.As every minute counts in a service case, our comprehensive network offers quick reaction times and rapid solutions. Whether for repairs, replacement parts, or consumables, our service personnel will process your requests quickly.

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Industry Brochure Environment (EN) – Solutions for Environmental Analysis – Our Planet. Our Priority.

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Environmental monitoring with high-precision environmental analyzers: important step towards a cleaner future

Preserving nature while steadily increasing our resource-intensive living standard: This is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time. And it requires state-of-the-art environmental analyzers for environmental analysis.

Our Planet. Our Priority.

Humankind has always had an ambivalent relationship towards environment: We need it, and yet we exploit it. We love it, and at the same time, we face the task of reconciling this with a modern, resource-intensive lifestyle. As living standards and population grow, this problem intensifies.

Take for example water: More and more people with ever increasing standards of living are polluting more and more amounts of water while, simultaneously, the need for fresh, clean drinking water grows. We develop resistant materials - many of which nature alone cannot degrade. We fertilize soil for better yields; yet on the other hand we pollute the grounds and thus indirectly our food.

And finally, our huge energy demand leads to high greenhouse gas emissions and thus to global warming and other negative consequences: All this harms nature, destroys ecosystems, and reduces biodiversity – and by that also threatens our health.

Precise environmental analysis means more accurate data for better response.

We leave many fatal footprints To address this issue and to better protect our environment and our future, we need precise knowledge about how we are harming our environment.

As a branch of chemical analysis, environmental analysis or environmental monitoring is used for the qualitative and quantitative examination of substances in ambient and indoor air, soil and water or wastewater. Certainly, even the earliest humans took a close look at their environment for safety and health reasons. The first verifiable chemical analysis was dated back to the end of the 18th century, when Berlin chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf examined water for a wide variety of substances. He was later followed by the Englishman Robert Angus Smith, who made a comprehensive rainwater analysis.

Today, many analysis instruments and methods are available for environmental monitoring. Thanks to technological advances, their accuracy is constantly increasing while detection limits are lowered.

For environmental monitoring, the substances to be analyzed are separated using gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, or ion chromatographs. Often samples have to be enriched to increase the relative amount of the substance to be analyzed. Partially, solids need to be extracted with a solvent first. Gaseous samples may only be analyzed after liquid introduction. Additionally, it is often necessary to remove unwanted elements by purification before you can carry out the actual analysis.

Methods such as mass spectrometry, UV/VIS spectroscopy, or atomic absorption spectrometry, are used for the analysis. They help you to determine either individual substances or sum parameters  – depending on the reason for environmental testing, often according to state regulations.

The individual substances analyzed for environmental monitoring include:

  • heavy metals such as mercury
  • pesticides
  • biphenyls
  • dioxins
  • mineral oil hydrocarbons
  • sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides
  • greenhouse gases
  • ozone
  • particulate matter

In environmental analysis, also sum parameters are often determined. They combine one or more groups of substances. This makes it relatively easy to record and report pollutants as a compound, such as

  • chemical oxygen demand (COD),
  • adsorbable organically bound halogens (AOX),
  • total organic carbon (TOC),
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)

Environmental monitoring with solutions by Analytik Jena

Since its founding over 30 years ago, Analytik Jena has, among other subjects, focused on the exact determination of various parameters in environmental analysis, in water, air and soil, and in our waste products. As a result of these many years of experience, Analytik Jena offers high-precision environmental analyzers, equipment, and solutions for most any application. Proven methods that are continuously optimized  – and thus often state-of-the-art in their field of application.

Environmental analysis with measurement technology trusted by experts

Laboratory managers and their staff, scientists in environmental monitoring, and operaters in private companies such as sewage treatment plants, drinking water suppliers, direct dischargers, waste disposal sites, and recyclers or contract laboratories as well as in governmental test laboratories for environmental monitoring: They all rely on technology developed and provided by Analytik Jena. We support our many customers with expertise and cutting-edge solutions for environmental analysis and monitoring.

The environment and its protection are important to us as a company – “Our Planet. Our Priority” is our guidng principle in environmental analysis This is reflected in a large portfolio of corresponding environmental analyzers and reliably available consumables – provided with comprehensive technological expertise, many years of experience, and first-class service.