SpeedMill PLUS

SpeedMill PLUS Homogenizer for various starting materials

  • Entire and reproducible homogenizing
  • Efficient sample cooling during the whole preparation
  • Flexible homogenizing system for various starting materials

Product Details

  • Broad portfolio of Lysis Tubes enables individual extensions of the homogenizing system
  • Touch control panel and large display provide considerable operating convenience
  • Pre-programed protocols or user-defined programing with freely selectable parameters
  • Compact construction
  • Can easily be operated continuously with
  • No tools required to operate the instrumenty
  • Homogenizing comparably low-noised

Homogenizer for various starting materials
The SpeedMill PLUS is a highly efficient homogenization system for various starting materials used for the subsequent isolation and purification of DNA, RNA or proteins. The homogenization process is based on an innovative mechanical principle for which a patent has been filed. This new process allows users to operate the SpeedMill PLUS continuously if necessary. The high efficiency of energy input into the sample, based on a vertical movement, procures a homogeneous disruption of the sample without destroying the target molecules.

Efficient sample cooling: prior, during and after preparation
For the optimized sample holder, which is used inside the SpeedMill PLUS, different temperature ratings are freely selectable due to the storage down to –80 °C. According to this an efficient sample cooling during the whole homogenization process is warranted and the substantial sample warming that occurs with other homogenizers is prevented. The often problematic handling of liquid nitrogen or dry ice is thus a thing of the past. Additionally the considerably expense factor of this additives, which have to be loaded continuously, is not applicable. Besides the sample holder allows an easy transport of the sample tubes and a long term storage of starting or homogenized material at adequate temperatures.

Modern preparation of samples: SpeedMill PLUS
The samples to be processed are rapidly and efficiently homogenized in Lysis Tubes that have been specially optimized for the system and, as such, contain different and/or application-specific beads. Using beads makes it possible to completely and reproducibly homogenize even the toughest starting materials, such as cartilage and chitin shells of insects or ticks within a very short time. 2.0 ml and 0.5 ml containers (Lysis Tubes) with different beads are available for sample preparation, allowing users to adapt sample processing to a diverse range of soft and hard starting materials. Operating processes, such as loading and removing of the sample tubes, are very simple and no tools are required. In addition userdefined protocols can be entered and saved as well as pre-installed programs are available. Homogenization parameters, like time and using cyclic routines are freely selectable.


Optimized extraction kits for the SpeedMill
The SpeedMill also accommodates kits for complete nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) isolation from various starting materials. All kits have been optimized for the SpeedMill for extremely fast and efficient nucleic acid isolation. The yields produced are impressively high and the quality of the isolated nucleic acids is outstanding. These kits contain special

Lysis Tubes with application-specific beads as well as pre-made buffers. They also contain all other components needed for isolating DNA or RNA from different starting materials. Optimized kits for sample processing with the SpeedMill results in extremely rapid and highly efficient nucleic acid isolation. Both the yield and quality of the nucleic acids are excellent. The standard isolation protocol requires only about 20 to 30 minutes.

Technical Data

System parameters

Homogenization time

30 sec to 4 min (depending on the starting material)

DNA/RNA purification time

20 - 30 min for standard protocols (complete nucleic acid purification)

Device handling

Stand-alone device, simple starting and handling of device by using modern touch sensors

Acceleration time

No acceleration

Deceleration time

No declaration

Application parameters

Homogenization routines

User-defined programming with user-defined parameters, as well as pre-programmed protocols

Sample handling

Simple sample tube loading and removal

Sample capacity

Up to 20 samples simultaneously

Sample cooling

Passive cooled sample holder; storage at temperatures down to –80 °C

Programming parameters

Homogenization time range

1 sec to 4:59 min

Steps of adjusting time

1 sec

Pre-programmed protocols


User-defined protocols


Storable protocols


Number of cycles

1 - 99

Protocol steps

1 - 6


Lysis Tubes

Broad ranged portfolio of chooseable Lysis Tubes with various volumina and beads

Complete purification

innuSPEED Kits containing Lysis Tubes for standardized starting materials enable effective extraction
of nucleic acids without previous homogenizing optimization

Other technical data

Dimensions (W × H × D)

154 × 275 × 257 mm


12 kg

Power Supply

AC 220 V, 50 Hz/110 V, 60 Hz

Power consumption

150 W (max.)


2 years

Order Information

Order numberDescription
845-00007-2SpeedMill PLUS
 220 V stand-alone instrument system, including Sample Holder P20 (passive cooling function, 20
positions, aluminium, black)
845-00007-4SpeedMill PLUS
 110 V stand-alone instrument system, including Sample Holder P20 (passive cooling function, 20
positions, aluminium, black)
845-60053-0Sample Holder P20
Sample Holder in aluminium design (black) for up to 20 sample, passive cooling function and storage
down to -80 °C
845-60054-0Tube Fixation
Lock to fix Lysis Tubes, optimized for usage of innuSPEED Lysis Tube Q (mandrel)


Product Brochure SpeedMill PLUS (English)

Open PDF

Kits for this Device

Lysis Tubes including prefilled homogenization beads as consumables for SpeedMill PLUS

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