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Discover selected applications of our products. Whether you are a research institution or a company with an associated laboratory, find out about our solutions for current market challenges, their advantages and obtain further information on the respective topic.

In order to address global warming and promote sustainable energy solutions, a paradigm shift is imperative, particularly in the realm of energy supply. Lithium-ion batteries assume a pivotal role in this transition. To ensure the sustainability and efficacy of these batteries as an alternative energy source, precise analytical measurement techniques are indispensable.


Explore Analytik Jena's cutting-edge devices and solutions across the entire value chain of lithium-ion batteries, encompassing exploration, development, production, quality control, recycling, and environmental emissions monitoring. Our comprehensive suite of offerings empowers you to navigate the complexities of this industry, delivering accurate and reliable results at every stage. Together, let's drive the transformation towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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To solve the plastic waste problem and achieve greater sustainability, we need to shift from "take, make, and waste" to "reduce, reuse, recycle." More and more countries are pursuing this transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. In such a circular economy plastic waste is no longer a burden but represents valuable raw materials. At the same time, this reduces our dependence on fossil resources.

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Phosphorus and phosphorus compounds are essential for all life on earth. They therefore are an essential base for fertilizers and animal feed. With the world population growing, the global food demand is continuously increasing, which is why natural phosphorus reserves are in danger of depleting.

Find out how analytical methods can determine the recovery potential of sewage sludge to take a further step to a sustainable circular economy and explore the corresponding infographic.

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Wastewater-based epidemiology is an up-and-coming field of endeavor. With high performance technologies based on PCR analysis, we can not only detect the coronavirus in wastewater. Analytik Jena is pioneering a complete solution for comprehensive wastewater-based epidemiology. The potential is far from exhausted.

Explore the unique and easy worklow on this topic.

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To protect the environment and the organisms that live in it, numerous laws and standards regulate the testing of water, soil, and air for halogens or their organically bound forms as sum parameters. Halogen determination is also essential in the context of waste disposal or utilization (incineration, chemical or thermo-chemical recycling) and quality control (esp. in the chemical and petrochemical industry).

Learn more about AOX/EOX determination and the right sample preparation methods and download our free whitepaper on the topic.

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Our solutions provide you with sensitive as well as robust analytical methods for the complex process chain of the mining and metals industry. Whether you are looking for routine analysis of a few elements with moderate sample quantities, for high-throughput multi-element analysis or everything in between – our reliable ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and AAS devices can be optimized to your application.

Check out our comprehensive e-book "Ore to Metal".

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