Technical Data

  • qTOWER³ auto

Thermal Cycler


qTOWER³ auto 

qTOWER³ 84 auto 


Silver sample block with gold coating

Aluminum, special alloy

Block capacity

96 well microplates with optical foil (verified for automation processes, full-skirted) 

384 well microplates with optical foil (verified for automation processes, full-skirted) 

Sample volume

5 – 100 µL 

2 – 30 µL (5 – 20 µL recommended) 


Max. 8 °C/second 

Max. 4 °C/second  


Max. 5.5 °C/second

Max. 2 °C/second  

Block exchange


Number of blocks1
Block technology High-power peltier elements 
Standby temperature Possible, down to 4 °C 
Temperature control mode 
  • Block Control 

  • Tube Control  

Temperature setting range

4 °C to 99 °C 

Temperature uniformity

55 ° ± 0.15 °C after 15 seconds 

Temperature control precision

± 0.1 °C
Temperature increments Min. 0.1 ° C / cycle 
Time increments Min. 1 sec / cycle 
Display No
Software PC control with qPCRsoft auto 
Interfaces USB for PC connection or Ethernet for the connection with the external power module 
Dimensions (W × H × L) 

310 × 479 × 365 mm (Drawer closed) 
310 × 479 × 477 mm (Drawer open) 

Traveling distance of drawer 112 mm 
Position tolerance of the sample plate when the drawer is moved out  ± 0.15 mm
Noise emission Max. 45 dB 
Weight Approx. 27 kg 

Contact pressure

30 kg, automated

Lid temperature

30 °C – 110 °C
Safety features 
  • Sample chamber is monitored by sensors 

  • Overheating protection in the heated lid 

  • Interlock switch (drawer) 

  • 2 years warranty on device system  

  • 10-year long-term warranty on high performance optics 


Measuring principle

Fiber optic shuttle system with 8 optical fibers Fiber optic shuttle system with 16 optical fibers 

Light source

longlife, high-power LEDs (RGBW) 4 longlife, high-power LEDs (RGBW) 


Highly sensitive PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube)Highly sensitive PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) 

Readout time

6 seconds for 96 wells independent of the number of dyes 6 seconds for 384 wells independent of the number of selected dyes 
Wavelenght range Excitation: 465 nm - 625 nm; Emission: 524 nm - 710 nm 

Color modules

  • 12 Color-, FRET- and Protein modules 

  • 6 positions inside device 

ConfigurationPreconfigured with four color modules 
Upgradability Possible with service 

qPCR Application


qTOWER³ auto qTOWER³ 84 auto 


1 nmol/L FAM in 30 µL sample volume 1 nmol/L FAM in 10 µL sample volume 
Dynamic range10 orders of magnitude
Passive reference
  • Not necessary, due to single excitation/detection of each well 

  • Optional within software 

Multiplex analysisUp to 6fold

Parameters color modules

Preinstalled color modules


Examples of detectable fluorescence dyes
Color module 1 FAMTM, SYBR®Green, Alexa488® 
Color module 2 JOETM, HEXTM, VIC®, YakimaYellow® 
Color module 4 ROXTM, TexasRed®, Cy3.5® 
Color module 5             Cy5®, Alexa633®, Quasar670TM 

Optional color modules 


Examples of detectable fluorescence dyes
Color module 3 TAMRATM, DFOTM, Alexa546®
Color module 6 Cy5.5®
FRET module 1 FAMTM (Donor) / TAMRATM (Acceptor)
FRET module 2 FAMTM (Donor) / Cy5® (Acceptor)
FRET module 3FAMTM (Donor) / Cy5.5® (Acceptor)
FRET module 4 JOETM (Donor) / Cy5® (Acceptor)
FRET module 5 FAMTM (Donor) / ROXTM (Acceptor)
Color module protein 1 SYPRO® Orange

Yakima Yellow is registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc. Cy is a trademark of GE Healthcare. FAM, HEX, JOE, VIC, TAMRA, NED and ROX are trademarks of Applera Corporation or its subsidiaries in the US and/or certain other countries. SYBR, Alexa Fluor, SYPRO and Texas Red are registered trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc. TaqMan and LightCycler are registered trademarks of Roche Group, Inc. Quasar Dyes are trademarks of Biosearch Technologies Inc. DFOTM is a trademark of Eurogentec S.A. Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Power module

Dimensions (W × H × L)290 × 186 × 335 mm
WeightApprox. 12 kg
Power supply100 / 115 / 230 V
Max. power950 W
Frequency50/60 Hz
Output ports number (incl. designation)3 (POWER, Data 1, Data 2)
Fuses2 × 10 AT / 250 V
Protection typeIP 20
Protection classI
Warranty2 years warranty on device system