Niederspannungs Power Supplies

Power Supplies of the Top Class Power for your electrophoresis applications

  • Outstanding performance to meet the highest requirements of standard nucleic acid and protein analysis
  • Reliable even under high load
  • Intuitive user interface for high user comfort

All Analytik Jena Power Supplies offer a high-quality design, unmatched technical features and outstanding performance! All three models are
defined by high levels of quality and clearly-structured user guidance ‒ an ideal prerequisite for intuitive and safe operation.

  • Compact design for easy integration into your laboratory
  • Comprehensive security feature

Product Details

Biometra PS 300TP - Ultra-compact

Combining ultra-compact design, versatility and reliability this power supply is the ideal choice for every scientist. Thanks to its minimal footprint of only 14 cm x 19 cm and its output of 300 V, 400 mA, the power supply can be easily integrated into almost any laboratory environment. User-friendly handling as well as infinitely adjustment of all setting parameters (1 V or 1 mA steps) makes the power pack perfect for nucleic acid or protein separations where precise settings are required.

  • Very small footprint with two parallel output connectors
  • Simple programming of 2-step methods
  • Choice of constant voltage, constant current output
  • Timer with alarm function

Biometra P25/ P25T - Best choice for electrophoresis and western blotting applications

Excellent performance and superior durability make the Biometra P25 / P25T the most powerful power pack within the Biometra product portfolio. Focusing on simple user interface and robust design, the P25/ P25T has been specifically designed to let you accomplish a large number of simple routine biochemical analysis effectively and reliably. The extremely wide voltage/current range and the four parallel output connectors offer maximum flexibility in setting the operating parameters and will give you the perfect support you need for nucleic acids and proteins analysis.

  • Ideal for high-throughput electrophoresis in routine laboratories
  • Easy and error-free programming
  • Ergonomic display design supports a reflection-free viewing of the setting parameters

Technical Data

PS 300TP
P25 / P25T
Agarose ElectrophoresisX1X
Polyacrylamide ElectrophoresisX1X
Semidry Blotting-X
Tank Blotting-X
Output voltage300 V / 1 V steps400 V / 1 V steps
Output current400 mA / 1 mA steps1.000 mA / 1 mA steps
Max. powermax. 60 Wmax. 200 W
Type of outputConstant voltage, constant currentConstant voltage, constant current
Pause/ resume functionYesNo
Audible alarmYesNo
Programmable2-step programNo
Automatic recoveryNoNo
IQ/OQYes, optionalYes, optional
Dimensions (W x L x H)14.0 x 19.1 x 8.4 cm26.5 × 25.0 × 9.5 cm
Weight0.9 kg2.9 kg
Number of output jackets2 sets in parallel4 sets in parallel
DisplayLED DisplayLCD Display
Power supply100 - 240 V ± 10%100 - 240 V ± 10%

1 for maxi gels it is recommended to run only one gel.

Order Info

Order numberItem
846-040-101Biometra PS 300TP Mini Power Pack with EU plug, 300 V, 400 mA, 60 W, 2‑step program
846-040-191Biometra PS 300TP Mini Power Pack with US plug, 300 V, 400 mA, 60 W, 2-step program
846-040-800Biometra P25 Standard Power Pack, 400 V, 1.000 mA, 200 W
846-040-850Biometra P25T Standard Power Pack with timer, 400 V, 1.000 mA, 200 W
Order numberItem
846-010-026Standard safety adaptor set (4 mm/4 mm), conical, for use with sheated 4 mm male plug instrument leads to non-sheated 4 mm power supply output jacks
846-010-027Safety adaptor set (4 mm/4 mm), cylindrical, for use with sheated 4 mm male plug instrument leads to non-sheated 4 mm power supply output jacks
846-022-007Safety adaptor set (4 mm/2 mm), for use with sheated 4 mm male plug instrument leads to 2 mm high-voltage power supply output jacks
846-022-018Safety adaptor set (2 mm/4 mm), for use with sheated 2 mm male plug instrument leads to sheated 4 mm power supply output jacks
846-010-031Safety adaptor (4 mm/4 mm), for use with sheated 4 mm male plug instrument leads to recessed 4 mm Bio-Rad power supply output jacks

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