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Biometra Minigel-Twin PAGE electrophoresis made easy

  • Robust double-gel system with sophisticated design

  • Easy handling

  • Compatible with almost all standard PAGE precast gels

Product Details

The Biometra Minigel-Twin is a vertical protein gel electrophoresis system that allows an efficient separation of proteins. Based on a optimized design, a fast and reliable analysis of your samples meets excellent resolution. Simplify your daily lab routine and convince yourself of the remarkable ease-of-use. 

  • High selectivity despite short running times
  • Glass plates with fixed glass spacers
  • Excellent sealing system (profiled silicone seal) ensures user-friendly, leak-proof casting of polyacrylamide gels

Technical Data

Gel formatMini
Glass plate size (W x L)10.5 x 9.8 cm
Gel size (W x L )8.6 x 7.7 cm
Number of gels1 - 2

Gel thickness

0.6/1.0 mm
Glass plates with fixed spacersYes
Electrode materialPlatinum
Compatibility with precast gelsYes
Gel casting systemSilicon rubber seal
Max. Voltage400 V
Max. Current 50 mA
Max. Power20 W
Buffer volume440 ml
Max. Buffer Temperature50 °C
Dimensions (W x L x H)23.6 x 16.0 x 18.2 cm
Weight2.0 kg

Order Information

Order numberItem
 Minigel Systems
846-010-100Minigel-Twin, complete system with 2 sets of glass plates with fixed 1 mm spacers, 2 silicone rubber seals, 2 combs (10 wells) and 2 sets of clips (6 pcs)
846-010-140Minigel-Twin, dto., but with fixed 0.6 mm spacers
846-010-130Minigel-Twin, buffer chamber and safety lid; without accessories
Order numberAccessories
846-010-001Glass plate with fixed spacers, 1.0 mm
846-010-002Glass plate with fixed spacers, 0.6 mm
846-010-003Notched glass plate with straight edge
846-010-004Notched glass plate with inclined edge
846-010-055Silicone rubber seal, 1.0 mm (2 pcs)
846-010-056Silicone rubber seal, 0.6 mm (2 pcs)
846-010-058Black seal to be attached to the main chamber (4 pcs)
846-010-057Clips (6 pcs)
 Combs, 1.0 mm thick (max. volume/well)
846-010-0105 wells (70 µl)
846-010-01110 wells (25 µl)
846-010-02310 wells, for big volumes and high protein concentrations (60 µl)
846-014-01716 wells (20 µl)
846-010-01220 wells (15 µl)
846-014-01928 wells (8 µl)
846-010-008preparative, without marker lane (400 µl)
846-014-023preparative, without marker lane (450 µl)
846-010-022preparative, with marker lane (30 µl und 380 µl)
846-010-009preparative, with 2 marker lanes (2 × 25 µl und 350 µl)
 Combs, 0.6 mm thick (max. volume/well)
846-010-0155 wells (40 µl)
846-010-01610 wells (15 µl)
846-010-02410 wells, for big volumes and high protein concentrations (35 µl)
846-014-01816 wells (10 µl)
846-010-02020 wells (9 µl)
846-010-013preparative, without marker lane (240 µl)
846-010-021preparative, with 1 marker lane (18 µl and 230 µl)
846-010-014preparative, with 2 marker lanes (2 × 15 µl and 210 µl)
 Further Accessories
846-010-018Minigel Glass Plate Stand (for Minigel and Minigel-Twin)
846-010-032Gel Casting Stand for up to 5 mini-gels
846-010-019Rotary Table for twin-chambers (Minigel-Twin, Mini-V8·10, Eco-Mini, Multigel, Multigel-Long, Model V16-2)

Order information on suitable power supplies and adapters can be found here.

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