High-performance TOC/TNb Analysis Smart solutions for convenient TOC/TNb analysis

  • High sensitivy
  • Conform to standards
  • Low operating costs

Reliable detection – Focus Radiation NDIR detector

The heart of every multi N/C device is the Focus Radiation NDIR detector for CO2 detection. High-energy IR radiation is focused on the micro detector by means of integrated optics. The obtained radiation density exceeds classical detectors and guarantees higher sensitivity and precision over a measuring range from 0 to 30,000 mg/l TOC without sample dilution. You save on operating costs thanks to corrosion- and maintenance-free operation and a long-term warranty of ten years.

Learn more about the FR-NDIR detector watching our video tutorial and reading our TechNote

Reliable digestion − high power long life UV reactor

The High Power Long Life UV reactor uses two UV wavelengths simultaneously for oxidation (254/185 nm). This high-energy radiation ensures fast and complete digestion even of very stable carbon compounds. Therefore, additional reagents are not required for many applications or can be prepared by the user. Together with the three-year warranty for the UV reactor, this leads to minimum running costs.

Reliable performance – VITA and Easy Cal

The VITA Flow Management System allows for the rapid injection of large sample volumes into high temperature TOC analyzers and significantly improves result accuracy and sensitivity in the trace range.

In addition, Easy Cal makes it possible for multi-point calibrations to be performed from a single stock solution using different injection volumes. The generated calibration curves are independent of the injection volume and extremely long-term stable. The automatic and correct calibration range selection for each sample measurement allows for easier operations at the highest level.