CyBio Carry Carries Your Workflow

  • Start simple
  • Start saving
  • Start smart
  • Start automating your workflow

Product Details

Start Simple. Start Smart. Start Saving.
It has never been easier to start with automation! CyBio Carry allows the evolution of proven manual procedures into reliable and highly efficient automated processes on your lab bench.
Unlike a traditional laboratory robot, the CyBio Carry is perfectly suited for labs with limited space. Its smart design allows you to maintain full accessibility of integrated devices for stand-alone use. Additional shuttle position maximizes flexibility with integrated smart object detection for safety and reliability.
Plus, with the CyBio Carry’s positioning kit you can add devices simply, quickly, and reliably.

Start simple:

  • Friendly – Easy integration & user-friendly handling
  • Profitable – Reap the profits of automation without much effort

Start smart

  • Familiar – User oriented, from experts developed solution
  • Safe – Smart cobot for operator security

Start Saving

  • Compact – Optimized usage of available lab space
  • Flexible – Scalable integration of different devices

Product Video


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