Technical Data

  • qTOWER³ Product Family

Thermal Cycler



qTOWER3 touch/
qTOWER3 G touch
qTOWER3 84/
qTOWER3 84 G

Silver sample block with gold coating

Aluminum, special alloy

Block capacity

96 x 0.2 ml tubes/ 96 well microplates/ 12 x 8 well strips, 0.2 ml

384 wells

Sample volume

5 – 100 μl

2–30 μl (5–25 μl recommended)


8 °C/s

4 °C/s


6 °C/s

2 °C/s

Temperature setting range

4 – 99 °C

Temperature uniformity

55 °C ± 0.15 °C after 15 s

Temperature control precision

± 0.1 °C

Gradient12 column: 4 °C – 99 °C, Linear Gradient Tool24 column: 4 °C – 99 °C, Linear Gradient Tool

Max. / min. gradient

40 °C/ 0.1 °C

24 °C/ 0.1 °C

Lid temperature

30 °C – 110 °C

Contact pressure

30 kg, automated


Measuring principle

Fibre optic shuttle system with 8fold scanner and color modules for excitation and emission filtersFibre optic shuttle system with 12fold scanner and color modules for excitation and emission filters

Light source

4 longlife, high-power LEDs (RGBW)


High sensitive PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube)

Read-out time

6 s for 96 wells independent of the number of dyes

6 seconds for 384 wells regardless of the number of filters

Color modules

  • 12 color-, FRET-  and protein modules
  • 6 positions in the device
ConfigurationFree configuration


PC- or stand-alone (optional)


LanguageGerman, English, Chinese, RussianGerman, EnglishGerman, English, Chinese, Russian
Display-10“ tablet, colored, touch
Operating systemWindows 7 or higher
Minimum requirement of PCIntel Core 2 Duo, 2048 MB RAM, USB 2.0, Display resolution min. 1280 x 1024 pixel
Export functionExcel, *.csv, LIMS, qBase+, GeneIO, GenEx
Memory capacityNot limited on PC or tablet


Approx.30 kg

Size (W x H x D)

275 mm x 585 mm x 275 mm

  • PC connection: USB
  • Tablet: USB for data transfer, barcode reader

Power supply

100 – 240 V

Power consumption

Max. 850 W

Noise emission

Max. 45 dB
Operation conditions15 °C – 35 °C, 70% humidity, max. 2,000 m NN


2 years warranty on device system
10 years long-term warranty on high performance optics

qPCR Application



qTOWER³ G       
qTOWER³ touch / qTOWER³ G touch

qTOWER³ 84/

qTOWER³ 84 G 


Detects 1 copy of target sequence
Dynamic range10 orders of magnitude
Passive reference
  • Not necessary, due to single excitation/detection of each well
  • Optional available in software
Multiplex analysisUp to 6fold


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