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qTOWER³ Product Family

Basis unit

Order number

844-00553-xqTOWER³  incl. color module 1
844-00563-xqTOWER³ matt finish, incl. color module 1
844-00554-xqTOWER³ G  incl. color module 1
844-00564-xqTOWER³ G matt finish, incl. color module 1
844-00555-xqTOWER³ touch incl. color module 1
844-00556-xqTOWER³ G touch incl. color module 1
844-00558-xqTOWER³ 84 incl. color module 1
844-00568-xqTOWER³ 84 matt finish, incl. color module 1
844-00559-xqTOWER³ 84 G incl. color module 1
844-00569-xqTOWER³ 84 G matt finish, incl. color module 1

x = 2 for 230 V, 4 for 115 V, 5 for 100 V


Parameters color module

Description/Order number

Example fluorescent dyes*

Color module 1, Order number: 844-00520-0

FAMTM, SYBR® Green, Alexa488®

Color module 2, Order number: 844-00521-0

JOETM, HEXTM, VIC®, YakimaYellow®

Color module 3, Order number: 844-00522-0


Color module 4, Order number: 844-00523-0

ROXTM, TexasRed®, Cy3.5®

Color module 5, Order number: 844-00524-0

Cy5®, Alexa633®, Quasar670TM

Color module 6, Order number: 844-00525-0

Cy5.5®, LightCycler Red®

FRET module 1, Order number: 844-00526-0

FAMTM (Donor) / TAMRATM (Acceptor)

FRET module 2, Order number: 844-00527-0

FAMTM (Donor) / Cy5® (Acceptor)

FRET module 3, Order number: 844-00528-0

FAMTM (Donor) / Cy5.5® (Acceptor)

FRET module 4, Order number: 844-00529-0

JOETM (Donor) / Cy5® (Acceptor)

FRET module 5, Order number: 844-00531-0

FAMTM (Donor) / ROXTM (Acceptor)

Color modul Protein 1, Order number: 844-00530-0

SYPRO® Orange

* The Color or FRET modules can be ordered separately. The qTOWER3/84 can be equipped with up to 6 modules.

Yakima Yellow is registered trademark of Epoch Biosciences, Inc. Cy is a trademark of GE Healthcare. FAM, HEX, JOE, VIC, TAMRA, NED and ROX are trademarks of Applera Corporation or its subsidiaries in the US and/or certain other countries. SYBR, Alexa Fluor, SYPRO and Texas Red are registered trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc. TaqMan and LightCycler are registered trademarks of Roche Group, Inc. Quasar Dyes are trademarks of Biosearch Technologies Inc. DFOTM is a trademark of Eurogentec S.A. Windows and Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.


Corresponding Products

Order numberDescription
qPCR reagents




innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Sensitive - 100 reactions


innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe - 100 reactions


innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Sensitive - 200 reactions


innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe - 200 reactions


innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Sensitive - 500 reactions


innuDRY qPCR MasterMix Probe - 1000 reactions


innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Standard - 100 reactions845-RT-9000100innuDRY qRT-PCR Mix Probe - 100 reactions


innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Standard - 200 reactions845-RT-9000200innuDRY qRT-PCR Mix Probe - 200 reactions


innuMIX qPCR SyGreen Standard - 500 reactions  


innuMIX qPCR MasterMix Probe - 100 reactions  


innuMIX qPCR MasterMix Probe - 200 reactions  
Plastics and Accessories


96 well PCR Plate (0.2 ml; HP), non-skirted, white - 100 pieces


96 well PCR Plate (0.2 ml; HP), half-skirted, white - 100 pieces


96 well PCR Plate (0.2 ml; LP), full-skirted, white- 100 pieces


Optical sealing foil (77 x 140 mm), adhesive, transparent, peelable - 100 pieces
844-70046-0Optical sealing foil (77 x 140 mm), adhesive, transparent, peelable, free from ATP and endotoxines - 100 pieces
846-050-258Optical sealing foil (77 x 140 mm) for 96 well (q)PCR plates, adhesive, transparent, peelable - 100 pieces


8 well strip (0.2 ml; HP), white without lid - 120 pieces


Optical 8 Well Lid Chain, transparent, flat - 120 pieces


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