Biometra Model V15/17 Header

Biometra Model V15·17

  • Gel size 17 cm x 15 cm (W x L)

  • Built-in integral clamps hold the gel in place

  • Fits gels of different thicknesses with straight or notched glass plates

Product Details

Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus for PAGE

The Model V15·17 is designed for vertical gels 17 cm x 15 cm (W x L) for separation of up to 20 samples on a 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm or 3 mm thick gel. The built-in integral clamps allow easy assembly and hold gels of different thickness leak-free in place. The V15·17 is the system of choice for laboratories with low sample throughput but the need of long running distances or large sample volumes (up to 4,000 µl). 

Gel Casting Clamp
The Gel Casting Clamp is sold separately. The silicone clamp is designed to cast a single 17 cm x 15 cm gel and provides leak proof casting.

Order Information

Order numberItem
Please note: These product is under discontinuation. Sale of remaining stocks. In case of interest please send us your request for availability. 
Model V15·17 Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus, complete with buffer chamber, safety lid, 1 pair of glass plates (1 short glass plate 19.7 cm x 16.0 cm and
1 long glass plate 19.7 cm x 18.5 cm), 1 pair of 1.5 mm thick side spacers, 1 x 1.5 mm thick bottom spacer, and 1 x 20 well comb (1.5 mm thick) (The Gel Casting Clamp is sold separately.)
Order numberAccessories and Spare parts
846-21070065Gel Casting Clamp (Model V15·17, V16, V16-2) (1/Pkg)
846-11074010Glass Plates (mixed pairs, 16.0 cm x 19.7 cm/18.5 cm x 19.7 cm) (3 Pairs)
846-11098019Spring Clips (12 Pkg)
 Spacer Sets (complete with 1 bottom spacer,
2 side spacers and 2 foam blocks)
846-410770170.8 mm thick
846-410770251.5 mm thick
 Combs, 0.8 mm thick (max. volume/well)**
846-1195602610 wells (94 µl)
846-1195603412 wells (72 µl)
846-1195604214 wells (59 µl)
846-2107601320 wells(34 µl)
846-11956117preparative, with 2 marker lanes (1,000 µl)***
 Combs, 1.5 mm thick (max. volume/well)**
846-1195605910 wells (175 µl)
846-1195606712 wells (135 µl)
846-1195607514 wells (110 µl)
846-2107602120 wells (63 µl)
846-11956125preparative, with 2 marker lanes (2,000 µl)***
 Combs, 3.0 mm thick (max. volume / well)**
846-1195608310 wells (350 µl)
846-1195610914 wells (220 µl)
846-2107603920 wells (126 µl)
846-11956133preparative, with 2 marker lanes (4,000 µl)***
Further accessories
846-11099025Power Cords (1 pair)
846-11958345Upper Platinum Wire Replacement
846-11958329Lower Platinum Wire Replacement
846-11958213Wire Hardware Replacement Kit (includes 2 red cap nuts, 2 black cap nuts, 4 O-rings, 4 rubber washers,
4 electrode boots and 4 hex nuts) Does not include the electrode!
846-21070057Spacer Foam Blocks (12/pkg)
846-11958378Banana Plug Replacement Kit (includes everything in the Wire Hardware (11958212) Replacement Kit
plus 2 banana plugs, 2 long ratchet rivets, 2 short ratchet rivets, 2 thin washers and 2 thick washers)
846-11958352Gel Clamp Replacement Kit (includes spring, shoulder washer, tab, knob and support ring)
846-11958360Safety Lid Replacement Kit V15·17 (includes safety lid, 2 long ratchet rivets, 2 short ratchet rivets, 2 thin washers and 2 thick washers)
* Volume calculated for an insertion depth of 5 mm
** Volume calculated for an insertion depth of 9 mm
*** Volume of the central preparative well

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