UVP Multidizer Ofen

UVP Multidizer Ofen Oven with two separate incubation chambers

  • Broad portfolio of hybridization ovens
  • Accurate temperature and rotation speed control
  • Variable bottle sizes and offset bottle positioning

Product Details

  • Easy to clean interior made of stainless steel
  • Two independent incubation chambers (UVP Multidizer Oven)

The UVP Multidizer Ofen is designed with two separate incubation chambers that work as separate, independent units and can be used for a variety of applications. The two chambers allow simultaneously hybridization and blotting procedures requiring different sized bottles, motions or temperature settings. The upper chamber is equipped with a shaker tray that can be exchanged by an acrylic carousel or an orbital tray that are available as optional accessories. The UVP Multidizer Ofen therefore offers several motion functions like shaking, rolling, orbital rocking and rotating all in one unit.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Number of
Hybridisation chambers



Lower chamber

Upper chamber

Min. Temperature

10 °C above RT

10 °C above RT

Max. Temperature

99.9 °C

80 °C

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.3° C to 68° C

± 0.3° C to 68° C

Temperature Uniformity

± 0.1° C to 68° C

± 0.1° C to 68° C

Rotor Speed

10 - 18 upm

12 - 20 upm

Bottles(30 cm)



Bottles(10 cm)



Bottles(15 cm)



Shaker tray

Yes, upper chamber

Shaking speed

54-106 rpm

Footprint (W x D)

45 cm x 38 cm

Height / Weight

72 cm / 34.0 kg

Optional Accessories
Orbital tray

Rotation speed

30 rpm @ 2° angle

Maxium load

1.36 kg

Rocker tray

Shaking speed

7-14 rpm

Shaking angle



2nd Carousel
Reciprocating Shaker Tray

Order Information

Previous description: OV 4000

Order number*Description
849-30003-2UVP Multidizer Oven, 230V UK+EU
849-30003-3UVP Multidizer Oven, 230 V, EU
849-30003-4UVP Multidizer Oven, 115 V, US
849-30003-5UVP Multidizer Oven, 100 V, US
* Hybridization bottles not part of the delivery contents.
Order numberDescriptionQuantity

Hybridization bottle large, 30 x 3.5 cm incl. cap,
O-ring and PFTE seal


Hybridization bottle medium, 15 x 3.5 cm incl. cap,
O-ring and PFTE seal

849-30082-0Hybridization bottle small, 10 x 3.5 cm incl. cap,
O-ring and PFTE seal
849-30083-0Bottle cap incl. O-ring and PFTE seal2
849-30084-0Nylon meshes 15 x 10 cm5
849-30085-0Nylon meshes 23 x 23 cm5
849-30050-0Rocker Tray (for UVP Hybridizer Oven, UVP Hybrilink Oven and
UVP Multidizer Oven)
849-30051-0Orbital Tray (for UVP Hybridizer Oven, UVP Hybrilink Oven and
UVP Multidizer Oven)
849-30052-0Reciprocating Shaker Tray (for UVP Multidizer Oven)1
849-30057-0Carousel, acrylic (for upper chamber UVP Multidizer Oven)1


Brochure UVP Hybridization Ovens (English)

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