compEAct Patented technologies for best analysis results

  • Interference-free determination of total sulfur
  • Precise and sensitive detection

Uncomplicated sulfur testing in fuels

The compEAct SMPO provides for straightforward sulfur testing in fuels with increased nitrogen content using, for example, nitrogen-based cetane improvers (e.g., 2-EHN). Many fuels classified as sulfur-free actually have a TS level close to the legal limit of 10 ppm. If a cetane improver containing nitrogen is used, the tested content can quickly exceed the specified limit.

The Micro Plasma Optimizer (MPO) makes it possible to avoid expensive post-treatment of fuels by testing the unaltered sulfur concentration. This patented technology was developed as a further enhancement of UV fluorescence. It removes interfering nitrogen compounds and guarantees fast and reliable results, eliminating the need for additional auxiliaries (e.g. catalysts), multiple injections, or trap-and-release systems.

Precise and sensitive detection

HiPerSens detection combines high sensitivity in ultratrace analysis with a wide range from 0 to 10,000 mg/l. The very low detection limits (N: 15 ppb, S: 5 ppb) allow you to meet quality and regulatory requirements. While the compEAct N works using chemiluminescence detection (CLD), compEAct S and compEAct SMPO use a UV fluorescence detector (UVFD).

  • High and low element concentrations can be processed together using a single method
  • Direct analysis of high concentrations at low cost and without dilution
  • Fast and reliable trace analysis, with no trap-and-release techniques or maximum injection volumes required