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mercur DUO plus Mercury determination in the trace and ultratrace range

  • Efficient – automated and time-controlled flow injection technology 
  • Safe – bubble sensor, optimized drying membrane and cascade enrichment
  • Effective – low reagent consumption, short measurement times

Product Details

The efficient mercury analyzer

With the mercur DUO plus you are up to all requirements and guidelines of mercury analysis. The powerful mercury analyzer works according to standards (EPA, EN, ISO) based on atomic absorption (AAS) and atomic fluorescence (AFS) and thus offers you full flexibility in application. Thanks to the integrated enrichment module with two gold collectors, you can realize determination limits from the low ng/l (ppt) to the pg/l (ppq) range with high method robustness, depending on the type of sample and configuration.

  • Excellent detection limits 
  • Wide linear measuring range
  • Simple or cascade enrichment (according to EPA method 1631)

Prime Considerations – Operating Convenience and Automation

With the mercur DUO plus you always work efficiently. Whether in the manual version for small sample numbers or for maximum sample throughput, extended with the AS-F or AS-FD autosamplers with dilution function – the basic principle of the mercur DUO plus is continuous operation:

  • Automatic dosing of reagents and sample solution
  • Automatic flushing of the tubing paths
  • Automatic cleaning of the carrier gas

Software WinAAS

The proven control and evaluation software WinAAS provides both the routine user and the scientist with the optimal solution. The software concept meets all requirements of modern routine and science laboratories with highest comfort for the user:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Variable and flexible in optimization
  • Complete GLP-compliant documentation and logging
  • Fast and easy saving and loading of methods and parameter files
  • Convenient sample table with a wide range of action options
  • Automatic quality control to monitor analytical data
  • Fast-Baseline Routine

The basic routine methods in the "cookbook" correspond to the various operating modes and facilitate the rapid use of the mercur in daily routine. At the same time, they are the prerequisite for rapid method optimization for more complex analytical tasks.


An expanding range of applications

Mercury analysis is employed in a wide range of fields. Due to the harmful influence on the human organism, mercury is a focus of close attention: In medical disciplines such as occupational medicine and dentistry, as well as in drinking water and food control. The mercur has been designed for dependable mercury analysis in all these fields. Teamed with the customer support provided by Analytik Jena, the instrument meets the statutory concentration limits.

EnvironmentDrinking water, fresh water, rain water, waste water, soil, etc.
MedicineBlood, urea, serum, saliva, etc.
FoodFish, beverages, cereal, etc.
GeologyRocks, ashes, minerals, etc.
IndustryQuality inspections, paper, plastics, etc.
Research & TeachingUniversities, research institutions, etc.


AS-F and AS-FD – Autosamplers for flame mode, hydride techniques and atomic fluorescence

The autosamplers for the flame mode AS-F und AS-FD make your routine analyses of standards and samples almost fully automatic.

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