HR-CS AAS Patented technology and ingenious solutions

  • Multielement analysis across the entire spectrum
  • Highest resolution with the least interference

Unparalleled flexibility – one lamp, all the elements

A xenon short arc lamp generates a continuous emission spectrum over the entire range of wavelengths of relevance for the AAS. Every element and wavelength can be analyzed at any time as selected in the software. This includes molecular absorption bands that can be used for the analysis of non-metals. Secondary wavelengths with high light intensity are also available, allowing the dynamic range to be extended to higher concentrations. The extraordinary light intensity of the xenon lamp also guarantees an excellent signal-to-noise ratio, thus significantly improving detection limits and precision. 

  • Multielement analysis across the entire spectrum (185—900 nm)
  • Expanded range of application and implementation
  • Greater productivity

Unparalleled precision and accuracy – at the highest resolution, with the least interference

The combination of a high-resolution spectrometer and a CCD array detector provides for high-resolution absorption spectra with extremely detailed information. A three-dimensional representation of the spectra provides for the correct evaluation of the absorption lines and their spectral environment. It also provides information on other elements present in the sample that can be measured at the same time as well.

Modern software tools make data evaluation easier. Spectral background and lamp intensity fluctuations are automatically and directly corrected in the spectrum. Interference from other atomic and molecular absorption structures is reduced to a minimum from the outset as a result of the high level of resolution. Complex spectral interferences can be corrected using matrix correction spectra.

  • Determination and rapid sequential quantification of all of the elements contained in the sample
  • Simple method development
  • Reliable results