Web Seminar: Halogenius! - Solutions for halogen determination in your waste streams.

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English

Speaker: Christian Koch, Product Specialist; Stefan Jezierski, Application Specialist CA

Due to continuously rising quantities of produced waste worldwide, waste prevention, waste recycling, and environmentally sound disposal are becoming increasingly important. In order to properly recycle or dispose of waste, waste analysis is an essential requirement. Besides heavy metals, waste is analyzed for other toxic and ecotoxic components, such as the sum parameter of halogenated organic compounds. 
Depending on the type of waste and valid regional legislation, the total chlorine content (TX/TOX) is monitored, for example, for used oils, solvents, and also plastic waste, both for raw material recycling and thermal recycling. For sewage sludge and mineral waste (excavated soil, demolition material, industrial waste...), the content of adsorbable (AOX) or extractable organic halogen compounds (EOX) is analyzed directly from the solid or from aqueous eluates.