Web Seminar Analyis of Dairy Products From sample to result – dairy analysis made easy

Contents and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~15 min
Language: English

In this web seminar Analytik Jena presents a variety of solutions for the chemical and biological analysis of dairy products. All technologies and methods are suitable for routine analysis in an industrial context as well as for special analysis tasks. Learn how you can determine elements like chlorine (Cl), nitrogen (N) or sulphur (S) and various macro and trace elements reliably and fast. In addition, for the more marketing-oriented quality attributes like color, e.g. the color of cheese, Analytik Jena is presenting solutions for easy determination as well. Analytik Jena is highlighting an innovative semi-automated workflow – from sample to result – combining high-end technologies to improve the quality of results and analysis times. 

Technologies in this web seminar

Chemical Analysis: 
ICP-MS, ICP-OES, AAS, UV/Vis spectrophotometer, elemental analyzers

Molecular/biological Analysis:
semi-automated nucleic acid extraction, real-time PCR