Web Seminar Food authenticity The exact analysis is crucial

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~35 min
Language: English

Food and feed authenticity and safety is an ever-current topic which significance has increased with global trading routes and complex sourcing strategies. The results of food fraud range from deception of end customers, mislabeling, lower product quality, food imitation, economic losses, religious and ethical concerns to medical issues for the end-user.

To protect consumer interest, food authenticity is checked in regard to claimed properties, purity, origin and production. Current approaches include physical-chemical methods, molecular biology, isotope analysis and substance profiling. Through this the species and GMO content can be confirmed.

In this web seminar we will focus on molecular biological methods that are part of the food authentication process. Extraction methods and kits available from Analytik Jena will be introduced and qPCR assays for GMO detection and species identification will be focused on.

  • Which difficulties can be part of the molecular biological food authenticity process?
  • Product overview of available extraction kits - Exemplary real-time PCR detection assays

Target group: Users interested in the field of food and fodder authentication, working with products from field to farm