Web Seminar Extraction Technologies Get an impression

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~30 min
Language: English

Today the molecular biological analysis based on nucleic acids is a powerful tool for numerous applications in multiple fields such as pharma & life science, environment as well as food and agriculture. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids highly relies on the nucleic acid extraction step which significantly determines the success and quality of the final result. That is why the extraction procedure needs to be chosen carefully and several aspects including starting material and downstream application need to be considered.

In this web seminar you will get an overview on the evolution of nucleic acid extraction technologies What are the latest developments? What are benefits or challenges for specific extraction technologies? With focus on spin filter-based and magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction as well as the unique SmartExtraction technology these questions will be answered and discussed with the help of practical examples. Challenges of specific sample applications are shown. You will see that the choice of the extraction procedure will affect the outcome of your particular application.  

  • benefits and disadvantages of different nucleic acid extraction technolgies 
  • product overview on extraction kits
  • challenges of specific nucleic acid extraction applications

Target group: Users looking to improve their nucleic acid purification during their molecular biological workflow