Web Seminar Become an Expert in qPCR Possible challenges

Contents & goals of the web seminar

Duration: ~30 min
Language: English

Quantitative real-time PCR, often combined with reverse transcription (RT) for quantitative RT-PCR, is a standard method in modern analytics and research laboratories. The method is very sensitive and well-considered assay design as well as error prevention in the experiment is very important in order to generate reliable data.

In this web seminar, a real-time PCR expert of Analytik Jena will provide a guideline for reasoned assay design and a troubleshooting guide for the most common challenges that can occur during the workflow and offer advice on how to overcome them.

  • qPCR experimental design
  • qPCR error handling
  • qPCR troubleshooting guide

Target Group: Users looking to set up or optimize qPCR workflows