Web Seminar: Comprehensive Sewage Sludge Analysis

Content and goals of the Web Seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English

Anja Jungnickel, Product Manager and Industry Team Leader Environment
Christian Koch, Product Specialist
Florian Schuart, Product Manager
Maximilian Schüssler, Product Manager

Sewage sludge from wastewater treatment contains many pollutants, such as heavy metals, plastic residues, pharmaceutical residues, and others. The content of the pollutants is essential for the further use or recycling of the sludges, such as raw material recovery, thermal utilization, or the increasingly less practiced use as fertilizer.

This webinar describes specific sample preparation and analytical methods for sewage sludge. For elemental analysis including phosphorus, solutions based on the techniques ICP-OES, ICP-MS and AAS will be presented. For the determination of chlorine and fluorine contents, the parameters of adsorbable (AOX) or extractable organic halogen compounds (EOX) and extractable organic fluorine compounds (EOF) are presented.