innuDETECT Halal & Halal Multiplex Assay

innuDETECT Halal & Halal Multiplex Assay

Reliable detection of pork, horse and donkey DNA

Product Details

  • Available as 3-Tube-Duplex (innuDETECT Halal Assay) or 1-Tube-Triplex (innuDETECT Halal Multiplex Assay) for identification in three separate or one reaction well
  • Verified for application following manual or automated nucleic acid extraction from diverse food matrices
  • Fast analysis in 1 h
  • Lyophilized reagents: for easy PCR set up, to minimize errors, for improved efficiency and to save time

In multicultural societies food industry increasingly faces the challenge of food stuff production complying with religious laws. This includes determination of origin of gelatin in gummy bears, type of meat in minced meat or even the identification of pork traces in rice. For identification of closely related animal species and, hence, for determination of a food product being ’halal’ Real-Time PCR has been proven as reliable, precise and fast approach. The innuDETECT Halal Multiplex Assay is a novel developed TaqMan®-based screening system enabling the highly specific multiplex analysis of donkey/horse DNA (FAM channel) and pork DNA (HEX channel) in samples of diverse starting materials. The lyophilized kit includes an additional Internal Control (IC) to be used as extraction and/or amplification control (Cy5 channel). The innuDETECT Halal Assay realizes detection of pork, horse and donkey DNA in three separate reactions in order to reach the maximum of sensitivity from up to 10 copies/PCR in the multiplex assay to up to 5 copies/PCR in the 3-Tube Duplex. The Real-Time assays of Analytik Jena offer a precise answer to the crucial question of muslims: „Is what we are eating »halal«?“.


Starting Material

  • Meat and sausages products
  • Fruit gums (e.g. gummy bears and marshmallows)
  • Fruit snacks
  • Yoghurts and dips

Detection time



  • innuDETECT Halal Assay: 5 copies*/PCR run

  • innuDETECT Multiplex Assay: 10 copies*/PCR run

* determined via equivalent plasmid concentrations

Order Information

Order number Quantity
845-IDF-0120024innuDETECT Halal Assay
(3 tube duplex for pork,
horse and donkey)
24 reactions
845-IDF-012009696 reactions
845-IDF-0130024innuDETECT Halal
Multiplex Assay
24 reactions
845-IDF-013009696 reactions


Brochure innuDETECT Food Analysis Solutions

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Manual innuDETECT Halal Multiplex Assay

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Manual innuDETECT Halal Assay

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SDS innuDETECT Halal Multiplex Assay

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SDS innuDETECT Halal Assay

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