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LC/IC-ICP-MS Highly sensitive solutions for the determination of element species

  • Highly sensitive: lowest detection limits 

  • Powerful: simultaneous determination of major species and ultratraces  

  • Efficient: short analysis times and intuitive operation

Element speciation using HPLC coupling – PlasmaQuant MS and PQ LC

LC-ICP-MS and IC-ICP-MS are versatile, robust and highly sensitive methods for the determination of element species in various fields, e.g. the characterization of environmental, food and agricultural samples or consumer goods. The coupling of the PlasmaQuant MS instruments and the systems of the PQ LC series offers outstanding precision and accuracy in element speciation, with well defined and clearly separated peaks. The combination of excellent chromatography and the high sensitivity of PlasmaQuant MS enables detection limits for arsenic or chromium species in the sub-ppt range (<1 ng/l).

PQ LC series for HPLC and IC

PQ LC is a series of modular chromatography systems for the separation of element species using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or ion chromatography (IC). The PQ LC series is available as a compact routine LC system for limited laboratory space or as a fully equipped LC model with various upgrade options such as temperature control for the sample injector, column oven or UV/Vis detector. An ion chromatography option completes the portfolio:

Your benefits:

  • Simultaneous identification of major and trace species thanks to outstanding sensitivity and a wide linear operation range of the PlasmaQuant® MS
  • High sample throughput and minimum downtime thanks to short warm-up and analysis times, flexible automation and connection of upgrade modules, as well as low maintenance requirements
  • Simple handling and smooth workflows thanks to intuitive handling, fast change of applications, interactive and user-friendly software interface, as well as automatic safety check
  • Flexible configuration and individual adaptation to your needs thanks to various upgrade modules, and flexible automation with variable vial racks and adaptors for microtiter plates

The PQ-LC Series Choose the best model for your needs


Fully equipped LC system

available in stainless steel and PEEK with various upgrade options, such as temperature control for the sample injector, column oven or UV/Vis detector 

PQ LC compact

Compact LC system

with low space requirement, metal-free in PEEK, optimized for routine analysis


The ion chromatography solution

inert system in PEEK for flexible adaptation to various applications

Technical details

All systems of the PQ LC series are equipped with a sample introduction system with variable volume injection, a quaternary gradient HPLC pump system with vacuum degasser, and a solvent tray for the safe storage of all solvents.


PQ LC compact


PQ LC is a versatile system that offers several options for flexible configuration. The basic system is available in stainless steel and PEEK and can be upgraded with a cooling and heating option for the sample delivery system, a column oven for a temperature-stabilized column environment, and a UV/Vis detector to monitor chromatographic separation.


  • Flexible system in stainless steel or PEEK
  • Optional upgrade to a fully equipped HPLC system
  • Easy handling for routine and advanced applications in LC-ICP-MS

PQ LC compact is a chromatography system optimized for routine applications. With its small footprint and metal-free configuration in PEEK, it enables all applications in food and environmental analysis.


  • Metal-free system in PEEK for flexible adaption to various applications
  • Compact design for limited lab space
  • Easy handling for routine applications in LC-ICP-MS
  • Optional upgraded with a UV/Vis detector

PQ IC is the ion chromatography solution for routine analysis of samples with a high matrix content. The metal-free configuration in PEEK includes the basic system and an ion chromatography module to reduce the background conductivity of the solvents. The system can also be upgraded with a UV/Vis detector.


  • Inert system in PEEK for flexible adaptation to various applications
  • Matrix suppression for reliable and precise detection
  • Easy handling for routine applications in IC-ICP-MS
  • Upgradeable with a UV/Vis detector


Food & Agriculture

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Since an element may be essential or toxic based solely on its oxidation state or the compound in which it occurs, the determination of element species in food and beverages is so important to ensure food safety. LC-ICP-MS can be used for this purpose, for example in the analysis of food samples such as sea fish, rice, chocolate and apple juice for arsenic, selenium or chromium.

  • Determination of Arsenic Species in Beverages by HPLC-ICP-MS (English)

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  • Speciation of Arsenic in Rice by LC-ICP-MS on PlasmaQuant MS Elite (English)

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  • Speciation of Arsenic in Apple Juice by LC-ICP-MS on PlasmaQuant MS Elite (English)

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Chemicals & Materials

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LC-ICP-MS provides a simple yet very reliable method for monitoring element species in consumer products. In addition to arsenic and antimony, chromium in particular is monitored because its hexavalent form, Cr(VI), is highly toxic to humans.  

Software for LC-ICP-MS

Chromatography Data System – CDS

The LC system and components are controlled by the Clarity Chromatography Software (DataApex). It also connects to the ASpect MS ICP-MS instrument software. Once the ICP-MS is running Clarity takes all control and processes all data handling. Constant status updates ensure seamless communication with a shutdown of all components in case of failure events. The Clarity software package also supports other manufacturers’ LC systems for increased flexibility.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

The Clarity Chromatography Software provides a variety of tools to configure the chromatography station to comply with the requirements of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, including:

  • Software Validation
  • Installation and Operational Qualification
  • Creation of user profiles and definition of individual user accounts
  • Electronic Signatures and Audit Trail
  • History of all methods and calibrations as part of chromatogram files
  • System Suitability Test
  • Method performance and system consistency monitoring
  • Printed reports

Your benefits:

  • Seamless control of all components
  • Flexible data handling with full CDS capability
  • Higher flexibility through support of various HPLC systems
  • Full support for GxP practices


Brochure LC-ICP-MS

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