Analytik Jena Science Award 2022

Tue 21 Mar, 2023

Awards presented for automated PCR results and improved chemical analysis using algorithms Analytik Jena has presented its Science Awards for the fourth time to honor outstanding work achieved using Analytik Jena solutions

Jena, 21 March 2023 – Analytik Jena has announced the winners of the company’s annual science awards. The award is presented to outstanding work in the fields of molecular biology and chemical analysis that was achieved using Analytik Jena solutions.

Automated PCR results
Michael A. Crone and his team
were the recipients of this year’s award for the “Best Scientific Paper in the Field of Molecular Biology”. The team combined Analytik Jena devices into an automated PCR solution for patient samples. The solution employed both the CyBio FeliX pipetting robot to automatically prepare the samples and the qTOWER³ auto thermocycler, in which the PCR tests were carried out. This system has been validated using both test and real samples. The system has been put to use in the laboratories of Britain’s National Health Service and has increased testing capacity there by 1000 samples per day and laboratory. The solution was published in Nature.

From the Awards Committee’s decision:
“The Corona pandemic posed a challenge to society. Laboratory capacities for patient samples reached their limits as well. The article by Michael A. Crone and his team is impressive in its demonstration of how this can be increased in the short term without compromising the accuracy of the tests. The solution proved to be as powerful as established diagnostic solutions, at a higher throughput. Most importantly, it allows for new analyses to be easily integrated whenever, for example, new mutations or other pathogens need to be detected. The described solution is impressive in revealing the potential of flexible automation solutions and how they can be used to respond quickly to diagnostic challenges and prevent an overload on existing routine diagnostics.”

Using algorithms to improve chemical analysis
Alexander Winckelmann and his team
were the recipients of this year’s award for the “Best Scientific Paper in the Field of Chemical Analysis”. Their work involves machine learning algorithms that improved the validity of measurement results in High-Resolution Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (using the contrAA 800 D) – and to such an extent, that it was able to approach and even match the performance provided by the next higher class of devices. This offers, for example, a simpler and less expensive approach to testing the performance of lithium-ion batteries. The article was published in Analytical Chemistry.

From the Awards Committee’s decision:
“The work of Alexander Winkelmann and colleagues is impressive in its demonstration of how machine learning algorithms can increase the validity of measurement results to such an extent, that the next higher class of devices is partially matched in performance. The team investigated the extent to which AAS technology from Analytik Jena is able to sufficiently analyze the distribution of lithium isotopes using gradient boosting algorithms (XGBoost). The currently standard ICP-MS analysis method employed for this purpose was used as a means of reference. The results proved comparable and sufficient in the detection of the isotopic distribution of Li in the samples using AAS, instead of the much more laborious analysis process using ICP-MS. This is critical for the understanding of aging mechanisms, and thus can help develop batteries with longer lifetimes and better performance.”

Analytik Jena presented its Science Award for the fourth time in 2022. The competition is geared towards raising the visibility of research results that are obtained through the use of Analytik Jena instruments and technologies. A particular focus is placed on potential for applications that can open up new paths forward both for the researchers and for Analytik Jena as a solutions provider. The winners receive 1000 euros for their personal use. Participation is open to individuals and organizations from the business world, universities and research institutes, and from the public and non-profit sectors. Further information and the call for applications for 2023 are available at


Science Award Winner 2023 Michael A. Crone (Molecular Biology)

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Science Award Winner 2023 Alexander Winckelmann (Chemical Analysis)

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Analytik Jena Sience Award 2023

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