multi EA 5100 Technologies making lab life easier

  • Matrix-optimized combustion
  • Minimum maintenance effort
  • Suitable for all concentrations

Unlimited Application Variety

Double Furnace Technology

The Double Furnace Technology allows to benefit from the advantages of the vertical and horizontal digestion in one system. The easy-to-use tilting mechanism enables the system to be optimally adapted to your sample. For rapid and precise determination of liquids and gases, particularly in the trace range, the use of vertical systems has become standard. With the increase in complexity, volatility and viscosity of the samples, however, it is necessary to use the horizontal mode. The multi EA 5100 gives you unlimited application versatility, matrix optimized combustion, minimal maintenance effort and best results for all sample types.

HiPerSens Detection

With one wide adjustment-free operation range the detectors are suitable for all concentrations. The HiPerSens Detection combines highest sensitivity in ultra-trace analysis with a wide linearity up to the upper end of operation range. Thus high and low element contents can be processed together in the same sequence, only one method is required. Samples with high concentrations can be analyzed directly without dilution.


Maximum Operation Safety

Flame Sensor

Flame Sensor Technology for automatic process optimization provides the fastest possible analysis for all samples in horizontal mode. Only one method is required for all matrices of the same state of aggregation! It ensures maximum operational safety and soot-free combustion for even high sample quantities. This generates reliable measurement results with less replicates.


The Auto-Protection effectively prevents the system against damages caused by particles, aerosols and liquids. It features effective cleaning and drying of the reaction gases and monitoring and protection functions for highest analysis safety and minimum maintenance effort.