2020 Pharma Innovation Award for multi N/C 2100S pharma

Mon 23 Nov, 2020

multi N/C 2100S pharma honored with 2020 Pharma Innovation Award

Industry magazine Pharma Manufacturing awarded the multi N/C 2100S pharma analyzer by Analytik Jena with the 2020 Pharma Innovation Award in the category “Monitoring and analytical devices”.

The multi N/C 2100S pharma is an analyzer for quality control of vaccines during production. The device measures the total nitrogen content (TN) which in turn can be used to determine total protein contents in an aqueous solution. Total protein determination is a routine application in pharma production. Vaccines must be regularly tested for their antibody contents, i.e. the concentration of attenuated or devitalized bacteria or viruses which consist of proteins. The analytical quantification via TN determination is one of the standard methods to analyze total protein content. The total amount of nitrogen content can be easily converted into the total protein content.

The multi N/C 2100S pharma is an analyzer specifically designed to meet the high data integrity and security standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The system uses a high-temperature catalytic combustion method and a chemiluminescence detector to reliably determine TN contents. Additionally, the multi N/C 2100S pharma with its direct injection technique provides a high degree of automation for up to 112 HPLC vials for laboratories processing large numbers of samples. Its integrated quality control features are safeguarding the unattended overnight analysis process. 

More information about the 2020 Pharma Innovation Award can be found at Pharma Manufacturing.