Intelligent Strategy for Quick 3-MCPD Risk Prediction Combustion elemental analysis for efficient chlorine analyis in edible oils

Contents of this web seminar

Duration: ~60 min
Language: English

Along the process of milling and refining vegetable oils, early stage determination of chlorinated compounds like 3-MCPD esters plays an important role for food safety concerns. In the toolbox of analytical techniques, combustion elemental analysis is becoming increasingly popular to efficiently monitor chlorine contents as a risk potential parameter of edible oils at any stage of the value chain. Using the example of palm oil analysis, this web seminar discusses insights of analytical and regulatory requirements and presents an intelligent strategy on how to monitor chlorine levels. Learn about the multi EA 5100 edible oil analyzer with detailed application information and a hands-on demonstration of all key features required for a reliable and efficient analysis of chlorine in edible oils.