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01. September – 31. December 2023

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multi N/C-Series – Save up to 25% on your new multi N/C analyzer

Working with multi N/C means measuring sum parameters like TOC, NPOC, DOC, TC, TIC, and TNb quickly, easily, and with no system conversion – and guaranteed for compliance with international standards.

  • TC, TIC, TOC, POC, NPOC, TNb etc. even in complicated matrices
  • Standard compliance – e.g., EN 1484, EN 12260, EN 15936, ISO 20236
  • Maximum operational safety
  • Extraordinary detection sensitivity and long-term stability

Whether you work in environmental or pharma analysis, you can now save up to 25% when buying a TOC value set, including a multi N/C analyzer and additional accessories like autosamplers and consumable kits.
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Our environmental offers

Precise environmental analytics through advanced measurement technology: A fundamental pillar for a sustainable future

Preserving our environment while continuously increasing our standard of living and resource consumption is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding challenges of our era. Effectively addressing this task therefore requires the use of innovative measurement technologies of the highest precision. Save now when you purchase one of our convenient environmental bundles.


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Save 20% on our "multi N/C 2100 S Bundle"

Environment Bundle 1


Article no.

multi N/C 2100 S

Ideal for dirty samples and small sample volumes:
Valve-free direct injection free from carry-over effects

AS 60Autosampler for up to 60 sample vials á 8 mL450-126.682
Consumables kitConsumables kit 16 mm combustion tube for approx. 5,000 analyses450-900.220

Save 20% on our "multi N/C 3100 Bundle“

Environment Bundle 2

ItemDescriptionArticle no.
multi N/C 3100The high-throughput all-rounder:
Robust loop injection technique with reverse-rinse and parallel purge
AS vario ERAutosampler with external needle cleaning for carry-over control450-900.148
Sample rackSample rack for 72 sample vials á 40 mL for AS vario ER450-900.141-ER
Consumables kitConsumables kit 16 mm combustion tube for approx. 5,000 analyses450-900.222

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Our pharmaceutical offers

Tailor-made solutions for your pharma-specific TOC and TN analysis

With our multi N/C Pharma series, we offer customized solutions for all pharma-specific TOC/TN applications: TOC cleaning validation, testing for extractables from packaging materials, ultrapure water monitoring or total protein analysis in aqueous pharmaceutical solutions. Discover our smart solutions for convenient TOC/TN analysis and save up to 25 %!


Remember: When ordering, please enter the promotional code TOCBX.

Save 25% on our multi N/C pharma UV

Pharma Bundle 1

ItemDescriptionArticle no.
multi N/C pharma UVTOC trace analysis by wet chemical UV digestion450-200.800‑2
AS 21hpAutosampler for up to 21 sample vials á 50 mL450-900.106
CoverRemovable cover to protect samples against
environmental influences
Consumables kitConsumables kit for approx. 5,000 analyses450-900.224

Pharma Bundle 2

ItemDescriptionArticle no.
multi N/C pharma UVTOC trace analysis by wet chemical UV digestion450-200.800-2
EPA samplerAutosampler for up to 64 septum-capped sample vials á 40 mL450-126.693
Consumables kitConsumables kit for approx. 5,000 analyses450-900.224


Save Big on AAS - 40% discount on consumables with the purchase of a new AAS device

Purchase a new AAS device and save 40% on listed consumables. Experience the precision of elemental analysis with Analytik Jena’s atomic absorption spectrometry devices. Our analyzers guarantee accurate results, especially for low sample volumes, with simple operation and reduced investment and operating costs. Explore a diverse range of accessories and consumables, catering to various application fields, including chemicals and materials, food and agriculture, environmental monitoring, oil and gas, and geology.

  • novAA 800 series: powerful entry-level spectrometer for routine applications
  • ZEEnit series: routine trace analysis in demanding matrices using Zeeman background correction
  • contrAA 800 series: high-end-AAS for efficient and most sensitive multi-element analysis

Remember: When ordering, please enter the promotional code AASB40.

contrAA/novAA graphite furnace technique

Order numberConsumable


Adjustment aid for novAA and contrAA series


Ceramic O-rings for furnace


Furnace windows for novAA 800 and contrAA series


Graphite electrodes for novAA / contrAA series
407-A81.020Graphite pipetting insert for novAA / contrAA series
407-A81.024Graphite shroud - pyrolytically coated


Graphite tube - PIN platform - pyrolytically coated


Graphite tubes - pyrolytically coated
407-10-1430-286-14Sample compartment window for novAA 800 / contrAA800 from SN: 119 (Duo); SN: 105 (G)


Sample compartment windows for contrAA 800 until SN: 118 (Duo), 104 (G)


ZEEnit graphite furnace technique

Order numberConsumable
407-152.541Adjusting aid ZEEnit (external) for liquid samples


Furnace tool kit (Z) for ZEEnit Series
407-152.576Furnace windows (Z) for ZEEnit series
407-152.342Pair of Z-electrodes (1x above, 1x below)


Set of graphite parts furnace for ZEEnit


Z-graphite insert for ZEEnit


Z-graphite shroud for liquid samples


Z-graphite tube PIN-platform - pyrolytically coated, long


Z-standard graphite tube - pyrolytically coated

Specific consumables for flame technique

Order numberConsumable


Apiezon-grease for o-ring mixing chamber


Cleaning strips for flame AAS


Cleaning wires for flame AAS


Impact bead (N2O-flame, long)


Inlet tube (PTFE), manual work


Level sensor, organic samples


Mixing chamber


Mixing chamber plug


Mixing wing


Set o-rings organic samples


Set sealing rings
407-111.837Waste tube siphon


Lamps for contrAA/novAA/ZEEnit series

Order numberConsumable


XBO-exchange unit for contrAA 800 series


Coded hollow cathode lamps (applies to all lamp types

AAS Consumables Sets

Order numberConsumable


Consumable set F for Flame technique novAA/contrAA/ZEEnit series


Consumables set G for graphite technique novAA/contrAA
810-60067-0Consumable set solid Consumables Solid technique contrAA
810-60079-0Consumable set G Consumables for Graphite technique ZEEnit
810-60128-0Consumable set solid Consumables for Solid technique ZEEnit

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