multi X 2500 Meeting all requirements in AOX analysis

  • Vertical and horizontal combustion in one analysis system
  • Matrix-optimized combustion even for unknown samples
  • Highly sensitive detection for precise results

Optimal Adaptation to Any Sample Matrix

Double-furnace technology with tilting oven combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal combustion in a single analysis system. This system, which is unique worldwide, enables the rapid switching between vertical and horizontal applications for the fast and optimal adaptation to any sample matrix with a minimum amount of effort. As an indispensable component for uniquely flexible operation, the double furnace is a standard feature of the multi X 2500.

The flame sensor guarantees matrix-optimized quantitative combustion even for unknown samples. The combustion process is automatically adjusted to the special requirements of your sample matrix and time-optimized through the use of flame sensor technology. The multi X 2500 masters the quantitative, complication-free combustion of even secondary fuels with ease.

Highly Sensitive Detection for Precise Results

With the device’s patented detection, your laboratory will be well-equipped to meet all requirements for AOX analysis. A special wide-range coulometer guarantees a broad dynamic measurement range and enables adaptation to a vast variety of measuring tasks, while simultaneously ensuring unique sensitivity. Whether it be EOX detection in the trace range or high TX content in secondary fuels – the wide-range coulometer is capable of meeting all requirements. With high concentrations, an overdosage is not possible. The dynamic working range with increased sensitivity enables the reliable analysis of samples with unexpectedly high AOX concentrations. Measuring cells and electrolytes are designed for maximum sample throughput